Mission Statement

We exist to strengthen the father/son and mother/daughter relationship as a high school, Christian service organization committed to developing servant leaders who will have a local and global impact for Christ.

Community Service

RTwelve partners with organizations in the community to serve and provide hands on relational volunteer experiences. Each year our members are required to serve a minimum of 15 community service hours in support of chapter approved philanthropies. Some examples of where we serve include:

  • Domestic abuse shelters

  • After school neighborhood learning centers programs

  • Programs for pregnant and parenting teens

  • Homes for formerly incarcerated women and their children

  • Food pantries

  • Home building and neighborhood restoration projects

  • Child welfare programs

  • Foster care family agencies

Spiritual Growth

Monthly meetings provide intentional, structured time together in order to foster deep conversation, connection, accountability and fellowship with like-minded parents, students and mentors. Members learn from Christian speakers who teach on topics from Romans 12 scripture such as:

  • Non-conformity

  • Heart transformation

  • Identity in Christ

  • Love

  • Reputation

  • Service

A consistent focus on these important topics helps our members navigate the challenging years of high school. With the goal of transformed hearts and minds (Rom. 12:2), members will be equipped to walk confidently in their faith and make a lasting impact for Christ. 


Leadership Development

RTwelve chapters provide leadership opportunities within each grade level. Students plan and facilitate meetings and events which develop leadership and problem-solving skills, as well as organizational and communication skills. Parents also take on various leadership roles within the chapter. 

A Lasting Impact

The transitional and fast-paced nature of high school poses a challenge to having meaningful time for our most important relationships. RTwelve provides the platform for fathers/sons and mothers/daughters to connect in ways that will have a lasting impact on their personal growth and on the community that they serve.