About Us

RTwelve is a Christian 501c3 non-profit service organization based in southern California.  Members of RTwelve are parents with high school age students who participate together in a 4-year program of community service, spiritual growth and leadership development. Chapters are comprised of fathers/sons and mothers/daughters with students in grades 9-12. The father/son and the mother/daughter chapters operate independently though may serve together on various projects.

Each chapter holds monthly meetings where parents and students attend together to learn from meaningful Christian speakers and grade level mentors. The parent and student members each hold various leadership positions within the chapter and volunteer for service projects throughout the year. Over the four-year program, the members serve in a multitude of ways and with a variety of organizations in the community. RTwelve is a certified organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

2009  Kristen McGuinness, Yoli Brogger,  Corinne Schroeder, Lara Lanfried,  DeAnn Carroll


Kristen McGuinness, Yoli Brogger,
Corinne Schroeder, Lara Lanfried,
DeAnn Carroll

RTwelve History


In 2010, five women answered God’s call to start a Christian mother/daughter service organization that focused on building relationships, developing leadership skills, growing together spiritually and serving as the hands and feet of Christ. With the intent to form a faith based organization, this group of women founded Young Women of Vision (“YWOV”). Originally under the umbrella of the international, humanitarian relief organization World Vision, YWOV was also closely associated with both Women of Vision National and its Orange County Chapter.

2015  Ken & DeAnn Carroll, Jason & Joanne Mowery, Laura & Scott MacAdam


Ken & DeAnn Carroll, Jason & Joanne Mowery, Laura & Scott MacAdam


With the success of the YWOV program, 3 couples recognized there was both a desire and a need for fathers and sons to have a similar experience. In 2015, the organization expanded to include the father/son equivalent, Young Men of Vision (YMOV).


In 2017 a foundational grant was awarded that provided funding for the Young Men and Women of Vision to expand beyond its foundational chapters in Newport Beach. Following a major renaming & rebranding campaign, RTwelve became a national non-profit organization. The name RTwelve is reflective of our Romans 12 curriculum that teaches topics such as: identity in Christ, non-conformity, heart transformation, love, reputation, and service.




RTwelve is on a mission to mobilize Christian parents and students and provide the RTwelve experience to as many communities as possible across California and the United States. Currently, there are 10 chapters serving southern California with imminent growth on the horizon.


RTwelve National Board of Directors

DeAnn Carroll - Chairman
Kristen McGuinness - Executive Director
Lisa Morsey - Treasurer
Bruce Nelson - Board Member
Brady Schmidt - Board Member
Rachel Stone - Board Member
David Toberty - Board Member

RTwelve National Officers

Kristen McGuinness - Executive Director
Candace Nesbitt - Chief Operating Officer
Devon Haskell - Administrative Assistant